Preparing for Change (Into and Out of Care)

All children have a detailed ‘Preparing for Change’ Plan and are encouraged to engage with their transition, whether it is into the provision or out, as much as possible.  For example, they can choose what they’d like in their new bedroom, what they would like to do in planned visits and have a personalised Welcome Pack before they visit.

The Admissions Team will work closely with both the residential and school provision, to ensure a smooth transition is ensured, as this move away from home can be difficult for the child and their family. 

Before a child is accepted into the provision, a multi-disciplinary team assess their needs and then consider if we can meet their needs and that they would be able to flourish in the setting, along with the current children in their proposed class and house setting. A Care Coordinator will guide parents through the internal process and will liaise with the child’s social worker, so everyone is guided through the process.

When a child moves onto another provision, the process involves their local authority finding them their future placement.  We offer support to the child, depending on their needs and future placements input.