Therapies (shared with School)

The children have individual Occupational Programs and Speech & Language Programs and they are incorporated into their daily routines, in the houses and are reviewed frequently. 

Therapeutic Environment:

Each house is unique and is decorated to suit and meet the needs of the individuals living together.  Risk assessments are completed before a new child moves in, to ensure they will be able to settle in and make the houses their own space too.  We encourage the children to visit each other and to share the facilities, for example, to come together to share a meal or activity.

We aim to provide as many natural based furniture items as we can practically and this runs in the thread of the Steiner ethos.

Festivals are celebrated throughout the year and the children can participate if they choose to, alongside with festival events held in School throughout the year.

Each house has a wellbeing and sensory space, which the children can adapt to suit their needs or mood. 

Electrical equipment is used and each child can have an individual I.T. Agreement, to encourage a therapeutic environment and to experience their surroundings, rather than relying on a tech gadget to keep them occupied. TV’s / CD players and such like are not always on display and are only used appropriately, for example, to watch a DVD when appropriate.

Positive Behaviour Support

Sheiling School uses Positive Behaviour Support (PBS) to assist children who demonstrate challenging behaviour. PBS is a framework which can help staff and parents to understand an individual’s behaviour and provide support. This framework is used to prevent and respond to challenging behaviour displayed by children both within the classroom and home environments.  Each child has an individualised document, giving clear information on how to manage and prevent risks, to themselves and others.

Care and School staff link up effectively, so a consistent approach is maintained.  The care managers and care staff, closely monitor any behavioural concerns / progress and can make bespoke plans and reduction plans, with the support of the child’s outside professionals and the School’s on-site therapists, so a holistic approach is promoted towards each child.

We aim to provide a safe environment that is guided by principles of least restrictive practice, positive risk taking and good risk management. Each child is placed at the centre of their own positive behaviour and risk assessment and we endeavour to work in partnership with all parties, so that the children feel heard and empowered to make positive choices.