WOMAD 2018

For a third year running care staff and parents teamed up and supported two of our young people on a weekend away at Womad Festival.

After a long school year Harry and Sam enjoyed two nights camping, live music from across the globe, amazing varieties of food and long stomps around the festival site. Despite the wonderful heatwave throughout the summer months we still managed to experience our fair share of English festival downpours, but this did not dampen any of our spirits. One of the parents who helped support the trip said the weekend was “one of the most incredible and most moving things that we have ever experienced together”.

The music festival is a place where young people can let go of their usual routine, explore live music and deepen the bonds between themselves and those who care for them. Once again we achieved this and returned to school after the weekend feeling uplifted and rejuvenated albeit a little sleep deprived.

By Philip Wharf (house co-ordinator)