The Singing Club Choir concert in Thorn Hall

During the Easter Short Term Break our young people and the staff had the pleasure of a visit from The Singing Club Choir (Lucy, our Deputy Care Manager is a part of The Singing Club (

The Club is made up from 4 open access community choirs in the Monmouthshire and Forest of Dean areas and is run by the wonderful and talented Karl who trained at The Guildhall School of Music and Drama (London) and at The National Opera Studio, sponsored by Glyndebourne Festival Opera.

A group of singers from across the 4 choirs travelled in convoy over the Severn Bridge to join us on the Thursday morning in Thorn Hall.

The singers arrived, in awe of the beautiful Sheiling School site, and were guided to Thorn Hall. They commented on the beautiful and unique architecture before enjoying Easter Biscuits and refreshments prepared by the young people. The singers then took the stage and Karl to the piano and they performed an array of classical, gospel, folk, show songs and world music. The young people joined in with tambourines, drums and enthusiastic clapping… by the end of the performance the young people were quite literally jumping for joy (especially Axel see photo!) and everyone had a smile on their faces; staff, young people and singers alike!

When the choir gave their last final roar they helped themselves to some more delicious Easter Biscuits and said goodbye to the young people and the staff and made their way back across the Severn Bridge.

Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the performance and the singers told us they would be delighted to come back if we would have them… I think we can safely say that they would be welcomed with open arms, warm smiles and lots more enthusiastic jumping, dancing, drumming and tambourine playing!

Note from the editor-‘Many, many thanks to Lucy whose impulse it was to lead the choir over the bridge to us in the first place!