The Riverboat Blue 2018

Congratulations to all our pupils for their fantastic production of our end of term Christmas Play: The Riverboat Blue.

The brilliant original script and music were written by Dean Frances-Hawksley, our acting head teacher, in 2016. This was the play’s second production and the performance was truly outstanding!

Sarah Young, class teacher, directed this artistic and deeply moving story which symbolises the Nativity and captures the true essence of the Christmas message.

Central to the theme is the final beautiful image of Old Man Ithamar’s song: ‘The greatest gift you’ll ever get is the one you give away.’

Yesterday’s play was just that – a brilliant cast of outstanding actors held the audience spellbound and deeply moved.

Thank you to all the all the pupils – you were amazing! Thanks too to all our staff who supported the production with their support, time and artistic efforts – you have given such a true gift.

You can read more about the play’s original production back in 2016 here: