The Advent Garden

The Advent Spiral has traditionally taken place on the first Sunday of Advent. However, in order to also support those pupils who are here as day pupils we now celebrate this special event on the preceding Friday.

The Advent Spiral is a magical and deeply moving experience marking the path towards Christmas. It is a quiet and very beautiful festival. Thorn Hall is darkened and filled with an air of wonder and quiet anticipation.

In preparation for the festival the Teachers lay out a large spiral path of evergreen boughs. In the centre of the spiral is a single white pillar candle. Along the edges of the spiral are golden stars, roses, stones and crystals. The central candle is lit, and the crystals sparkle like stars on a dark night.

All is quiet. Each pupil, and any adults who would like to, walk along the spiral path in turn, holding a red apple which supports a small candle. Once they reach the centre of the spiral, they light their smaller candle from the central one. As they leave the spiral each person places their apple and candle somewhere amongst the greenery. As everybody takes their turn the spiral is slowly filled with glowing light from all the apple candles – it is a very special moment and a beautiful sight. Music and singing accompany the event, which helps to create and sustain the magical atmosphere.

Once everybody has had their turn we sit in stillness to take in and behold the beauty of the spiral with all the candles burning brightly.

Rikke Julin-Head of Education