St Nicholas Day on 6th of December

St Nicholas (270-310) was at one time Bishop of Myra, a town in Asia Minor (modern-day Turkey).  He died on December 6th which is why his festival is celebrated on this date.  Recognized for his great generosity, he is the Patron Saint of little children and school children.

His image creates a picture of heavenly light for children: light that sees all things, forgives all things, and aids in the overcoming of difficulties.

We had a wonderful visit from St Nicholas and his friend Ruprecht, who is a very cheeky and humorous figure that always accompanies him on the journey. Ruprecht carries a large sack filled with special biscuits and tangerines which he shares out to all the children

St Nicholas as is usual, brought his big book golden book in which he has noted all the deeds of the pupils. He then addressed them individually and encouraged them to work on certain difficulties and praised them highly for their achievements.