St Martin’s Day and Our Next Fundraising Project

November 11th  is the festival of  St Martin who was a Roman soldier who went on to become a monk. The most famous legend is that he once cut his cloak in half to share with a beggar during a snowstorm, to save the beggar from dying from the cold.

There are many stories about Martinmas and  in a recent assembly one of our class teachers Fergus told us the story of ‘The Lantern Prince’. We heard how the prince helped a little girl by giving her food and light – he gave her his lantern so she could keep warm.

Martinmas StoryIn both stories,the Lantern Prince and St Martin were able to see the needs of the girl and the beggar by their warmth of heart and compassion .It is so important that we are able to recongnise and support those  in need and those who cannot ask for help.The pupils at the Sheiling School have decided that they would like to support a charity and want to help people who are homeless or in poor housing.   Shelter is a Charity which gives this help –

 We would like to support this Charity this Christmas by signing up for the Christmas Appeal

“Bake a Gingerbread House Challenge”.

         We will all  bake our own Gingerbread House and sell them to family and friends to raise money.

Please support this event with us!

Gingerbread HouseGingerbread House