St. John’s Day Celebration on 24th of June

St. John’s Day marks Midsummer in ancient cultures, and also was the birthday of St. John the Baptist. We have traditionally celebrated this festival day in the Sheiling School and indeed in all other Camphill communities with a bonfire , BBQ, singing , folk dancing and often have performed a community play call the ‘St Johns Play’ which was written by our founder Dr Karl König.

St John's Festival

This year we did not have the play or a BBQ (as we have just had a wonderful one for our summer fair!) but we did have a lovely afternoon in Avalon garden around the traditional fire where Fergus told us the story of ‘Faithful John’ . This was framed by the singing of two beautiful songs: ‘St’ John’s be the Light’ and ‘Summer is Here’ both written by Dean, who also led the singing and accompanied us on guitar.  We ended the in true celebration with delicious strawberries & ice cream and home-made elderflower juice.

The poster announcing the event was designed  by our pupils and a verse by Rudolf Steiner which gives inspiration and is a real St John’s message , was read by Francis

‘Dwelling in silence on the beauties of life

Gives the soul the strength of feeling

Thinking clearly on the truths of existence

Brings to the spirit the light of will’


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