Sheiling School Honoured to Receive a Recent Visit from the High Sheriff of Gloucestershire

High Sheriff and his wife Carolyn with Nico,Rikke and Syl

We were delighted to be visited by Thomas Frost, the High Sheriff of Gloucestershire, and his wife Carolyn. Tom has since fulfilled his term of office, but will no doubt be as busy as ever serving the community.

The role of High Sheriff has evolved over time, but is rooted almost 1,000 years ago in Saxon times. The modern High Sheriff actively lends support to crime prevention agencies, the emergency services and the voluntary sector, helping with crime reduction initiatives, especially with young people. Many High Sheriffs also elect to assist Community Foundations and local charities working with vulnerable people, endorsing their work to help raise valuable awareness.

Tom and his wife, Carolyn, have lived for over 40 years at their home in South Gloucestershire and have three grown-up boys and three young grandchildren.
Tom is Chair of his family-based charity dedicated to eye diseases and the prevention of blindness. This organisation is closely aligned with Bristol Eye Hospital and also offers fellowships to young trainee ophthalmologists.
Tom is a keen and dedicated countryman with interests in conservation, gardening, bloodstock breeding and exercising their five dogs (he is currently President of the Lucas Terrier Club).
Since 2003, he has been concentrating on his property business and supporting several biotech start-ups locally, as well as running the family’s small farm.
Carolyn is very active in sheep rearing and specialises in rare breeds. She had very kindly invited groups of pupils to witness next year’s lambing.

We will all look forward to this event and to our future contact and wish Tom and Carolyn all the best for the coming year of his ‘retirement’ from this role