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[two_third] Our Outdoor Education offers a therapeutic and educational programme to children and young people who are hard to reach and who may have experienced difficulties with a more formal approach to education and rigid timetables. This approach has been very successful with children and young people who have been out of school for long periods of time or who found it difficult to adapt to a classroom setting due to behaviour difficulties.

How is it done?

Small groups of pupils have sessions with a high staff to pupil ratio that ensures every pupil has the support they need to learn, work and play freely and safely.


  • To promote understanding and appreciation of the natural world.
  • To promote environmental awareness including recycling, nutrition and animal care.
  • To develop social skills through collaborative play, work and learning.
  • To develop pupils’ self-esteem and confidence through allowing time and space to ‘have a go’ and to persevere.
  • To give positive learning experiences and to celebrate success and achievement.
  • To support natural developmental stages by allowing pupils to learn at their own pace.
  • To facilitate the development of self-risk assessment and problem-solving skills in each pupil by giving them the time, space and encouragement to explore, investigate and experiment safely.
  • To promote the development of fitness and stamina by giving each pupil the opportunity to challenge their physical skills and motor coordination.
  • To help each pupil integrate their sensory experiences through encouraging exploration of the natural environment.
  • To slowly work toward reintegration into the classroom or more formal teaching/learning settings. This may take some time and a careful assessment and programme will be developed as to how this is best achieved.


[one_third_last]”I hear and I forget…
I see and I remember…
I do and I understand!”[/one_third_last]