How can we possibly put into words the gratitude and happiness we now feel for having our amazing boy back?

The effort and care that everyone has put into supporting our son every day is phenomenal. To use his own analogy, three years ago he feels he reached the peak of his learning, the top of a hill, but didn’t see the edge of the cliff and so fell off it. It took him into the darkness and he couldn’t find a way out. When he started at Sheiling it was like someone gave him a torch. In front of him was another cliff face, taller than the one he fell down, but there were ropes attached to a lift and with your help he could start to pull himself out. He has started his journey up again and he says it is hard and sometimes he needs a rest, or the rope slips, but he knows he can’t fall far because of all the ropes holding him up.

Thank you for being our son’s ropes.

Heidi and Kevin