Please support Alice who is running the Bristol 10K to raise funds for our new climbing wall

“We are unbelievably lucky to be blessed with our large, beautiful grounds here at the Sheiling School, and pupils and staff alike spend a great deal of time outside exploring our stunning surroundings. However, we live in England and our climate is, well … unpredictable! On days where the weather is less than favourable we need to find ways to occupy our leisure time indoors. On these occasions we take to our Gym Hall, but our equipment is somewhat outdated and could do with a new lease of life. Because of this we are hoping to raise money for a new sensory climbing wall. This will provide a multi-sensory activity for our pupils, allowing them the opportunity to develop their motor skills along with their cognitive problem solving abilities. At the same time engaging in a playful, meaningful activity which promotes fun, teamwork and bonds with their peers.

I will be running the Bristol 10km on May 31st in order to contribute towards setting up this wonderful opportunity for our pupils.  I would be delighted if anyone were able to donate. We are in the process of setting up a fundraising link with ‘Virgin Money Giving’, however time is running out! So the easiest way to donate would be to use the ‘Donate’ button located on this page or and donate through Paypal etc. However please contact me directly ( ) if you would prefer a different method of payment; we will also have donation boxes on site.

Please let me know if you have made a donation (private message me if you’d prefer) as I would love to see the final amount raised and to thank you all individually for all your help.

Finally, I am a little nervous about the race day! I haven’t run further than a few metres since I was 15, a good ten years now, and I’m finding it a lot harder than I remembered! In order to train I have been up at sunrise every other day for the last week or so (leaving it pretty late I know!) and trying to trick my body into pretending it’s easy! Yesterday I reached 5km so I’m at the half way point… NEWSFLASH-I have just over 1 week…. Wish me luck!”

Alice Watts LSA