Pupil Council Meeting

Pupils gathered together in Thornbury Park at the end of January to hold their most recent Council Meeting. The meetings are a regular feature of our school year and are a useful forum where pupils can meet to discuss their school life and make collective decisions on the issues that affect them directly.

The session began with a representative from each class sharing what their group had been working on. There was then an opportunity to discuss forthcoming festivals and events as well as possible fundraising projects and School Newsletter contributions. It was also a time to air views and opinions, and to remember the importance of treating one another equally and fairly. Pupils reminded themselves of the school’s safeguarding and anti-bullying procedures and the need to be supportive and kind.

You can read the full minutes from the meeting below – our thanks to Izzy, Seniors B Teacher, for taking them.

Council Meeting Minutes 30.01.17

In attendance: AH, OC, BW, HD, CS, DH, JQ, JS, IC, LC, TH, RC, JW, Liz and Mark

Apologies: AL (class 4)


  • Class 3: have been making snails out of clay (showed photos).
  • Class 9: have been shopping in Tesco and making meals with the produce.
  • Woodland 2: pupils have been learning to climb the bouncing tree, making a den and using sticks for the shelter. They are working on a den for all pupils which should be ready in 6 months. RC made a rule: ‘Don’t throw stones in the ancient fisheries’.
  • Seniors B: in class seniors B have been working on senses and designing experiments to test the senses.
  • Woodland 1: are building a new playground feature out of the chopped-down tree near climbing frame and showed the council their drawn-out plans. They have also been making tool boxes out of recycled pallets.
  • Adventure: have been learning about the living world and have made a wormery in the classroom.
  • Seniors A: have been researching Chinese New Year and learning about the qualities of animals and star signs.


The Big Litter-Pick took place on 10th February. At the next litter pick it was decided that each class / group would have an area of the school to work on.

A basic poster was presented to the group, who had the following ideas to help improve it:

  • Add School logo
  • Make it more colourful
  • Add the time of event
  • Add Eco-Schools logo


Jamie introduced the idea of asking pupils to help develop questions for new staff at interviews.

Question posed to the group: What is an interview?

    • DH: It’s where they ask you questions and you get a job

Suggestions for questions from council:

    • DH: What are your hobbies / Strengths / weaknesses? What subjects are you good at?
    • GSW: What are your friendly qualities? Are you good at looking after animals?
    • AH: Give an example of a time when you showed patience
    • BB: Do you have imagination? How do you use it?
    • CS: What was your last job? Did you enjoy it?

Safeguarding (being a good friend):

  • Adventure class have been thinking and talking about it every morningx