News from the New School Year

We are thrilled to have 6 new pupils in the school and extend a very warm welcome to Richard, Alex, Cory, Cameron, George & Zac and their families! We hope that you will all settle in quickly and look forward to working with you all.

So with our growing numbers we have extended our provision in the Outdoor Curriculum and a new class called ‘Explorers’ has been formed. This meant that our current Bushcraft area was not big enough so here is a photo of the beginning development of Bushcraft 2:

Bushcraft 2

On the August bank holiday Land Activity day we were joined by new ‘residents’ who took up home in luxury accommodation which was developed and built by staff and pupils primarily from the Woodland and Explorer’s classes………….

………..Yes, our lovely Chickens!

We had another Land Activity Day on the Friday before Michaelmas Day when the Rabbits moved in next door to the Chickens………

These were the projects for the day.

AVALON FRONT & HERB GARDEN- General maintenance – weeding
NATURE TRAIL -Litter picking
THE WALLED GARDEN -General maintenance – weeding
CINNABAR FIELD- 1. Clear brambles and prepare for the rabbit move
2. Move rabbits
3. Weekly chickens duty
THORN HALL AREA- Tidy up compost area behind the sheds

The next news from our Michaelmas festival will be published shortly ……………….