Michaelmas and Harvest Festival 2018

Last Friday pupils and staff celebrated Michaelmas, the feast day of the Archangel Michael, which falls on 29th September each year.

The Archangel Michael is associated with courage and the slaying of dragons. His festival day invites us to reflect upon our own personal dragons, to contemplate the inner and outer challenges that face us, and to develop the strength and courage needed to overcome them.

Michaelmas falls close to the autumn equinox, which itself marks the increasingly shorter, darker days. All the year long we’ve been digging the earth, sowing seeds, and watering and nurturing the flowers and vegetables in our grounds. Now the time has come to harvest our produce and enjoy the fruits of our labour. All week we have been working hard to dig the vegetables from the earth. These were then used to make soup for a shared Harvest Lunch, complete with communal singing and a beautiful Harvest Altar.

We hope you enjoy the photos below from our Michaelmas-Harvest week.