Joseph, a Star Pupil






Joanna and Mark’s son, Joseph, will be leaving school at the end of this term. They had the following words to say about his time here:`Our 19 year old son has had three fantastic years at Sheiling School, Thornbury. Thanks to the genuine expertise, support and understanding of the staff, and in particular his marvellous teacher and her assistant, our son has grown enormously in self-confidence, self-esteem and ambition for the future. Because of his teachers’ skill and understanding, he has been able to achieve passes in numeracy, literacy and other exams, which he found so difficult at his previous school.  If it were not for Sheiling, he would never have experienced the wonderful teaching, therapies and other creative ways to support him, which have enabled him to deal with the complex challenges of his disability, and grow and develop as a young person.  We shall really miss the teachers, therapists and everyone at the school when our son moves on to the next phase in his life.  However, we know that, thanks to his time at Sheiling, he will be taking with him so very much that is positive.’

Joseph made a formidable contribution to the recent Summer Concert when he performed a sketch that he had conceived, written and directed by himself. To view ‘Smashing Plates’ please follow the link  HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!

Finally, we would like to extend our gratitude to Joanna and Mark for their very generous donation towards the new Climbing Wall. This will be a real asset to our pupils long into the future, and their substantial contribution is much appreciated.

It is wonderful that Joseph’s time here has been so fruitful. All staff and pupils here wish him, Mark and Joanna all the very best for the coming years and look forward to keeping in regular contact.