Isles of Scilly

An exciting new venture arose towards the end of the summer term when I was asked if care staff could support a family holiday on the Isles of Scilly as part of Harry’s summer respite plan. Naturally the thought of supporting one of our young people to share a family holiday and enjoy an action packed week of water sports and sunny walks around the islands seemed like a good idea.

Harry and I were dropped off at Exeter airport early in the morning on August 8th. We flew to St Mary’s on the Isles of Scilly where we met Dad before catching a ferry to Bryher where we camped for six nights. Weather at the far south west of England is unpredictable at best. Nearly thirty miles off shore on a tiny cluster of fairly wild islands you feel the brunt of the Atlantic weather fronts. During our stay we had a nice balance of hot sunny days and dark torrentially rainy days, both of which offered up joys and challenges alike.

When the sun was out we walked/ran around the islands taking in the beautiful scenery and fresh sea air. Boat rides and jumping of the quay were also very enjoyable when the weather was good. Luckily we had enough tent space and shelter to occupy ourselves when it rained.

By Philip Wharf (House co-ordinator)