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Sheiling School is situated within a beautiful and peaceful park, so young people can enjoy living and learning in a comfortable environment that feels like home.

Sheiling School – Residential

At Sheiling School, Thornbury, we aim to create a home life in which each young person can feel nurtured.
All care staff receive regular guidance and supervision from senior staff. Dedicated staff are responsible for each young person’s daily care, helping him or her to develop social, self-help and independence skills. Each day is well-structured and follows a familiar routine, both in the classroom and at home, providing each young person with stability and security.

Home Life at Sheiling School – Mealtimes

Common mealtimes within a secure and comfortable home environment provide young people with the opportunity to engage in lively conversation and to practice their interpersonal skills. This helps young people to develop life skills, such as social awareness, and learn how to integrate socially.

Each Sheiling School young person learns at his or her own pace and is offered consistent support so he or she can gradually take on more challenging tasks. Basic skills are transferred from the classroom to real life situations within the home. Similarly, what is learnt during home life enhances progress within the classroom.

Home Life – Leisure Time

Home life at Sheiling School is rich and varied, and leisure time after school and at weekends is devoted to activities such as:
• Free play
• Organised games in our gym hall
• Swimming in our indoor swimming pool
• Gardening
• Singing
• Bike riding
• Walks in the surrounding countryside.
Each Sheiling School young person is encouraged to use his or her free time for age-appropriate activities.

Home Life – Thornbury and the Local Area

Sheiling School is situated just a short walk away from the town of Thornbury, and young people regularly visit the town for shopping trips, to attend local events and to use the library. We are well known within Thornbury, and the local people are friendly and helpful.
We also take young people on regular outings to interesting destinations such as the Forest of Dean and Weston-Super-Mare, in our minibuses.

Latest Ofsted Inspection report can be downloaded here:


Why Choose Us?

  • Individual programme for each pupil
  • Small households with high staffing ratio
  • Nurturing home life
  • Therapeutic learning environment
  • Incredible range of activities
  • Contact us

”Communication between staff and the children and young people is excellent and enables meaningful consultation and choice.”

Ofsted Quotes 2019

”Opportunities available to children and young people are excellent. The support that staff provide for children, young people and their families enhances their experiences. Examples of activities that children and young people benefit from and enjoy include musical festivals and concerts, family holidays, days out and work experience.”

Individual Programmes

Each young person at the Sheiling School has an individual programme carefully designed to meet his or her needs, enabling him or her to develop both in the classroom and at home. This programme includes independence and life skills as well as communication and sensory aspects. A wide range of professionals review the programmes to evaluate all outcomes and their effectiveness.

Positive Behaviour Support

The Sheiling School uses Positive Behaviour Support (PBS) to assist young people who demonstrate challenging behaviour. PBS is a framework which can help staff and parents to understand an individual’s behaviour and provide support. This framework is used to prevent and respond to challenging behaviour displayed by young people both within the classroom and home environments.
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Therapeutic Environment

The Sheiling School is situated in a beautiful and peaceful park at the edge of the town of Thornbury. There is plenty of space and activities to suit everyone, and we work to ensure that every young person feels at home here. The school also has its own therapy building and a swimming pool.

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