Form Drawing

This term class 6 began Form Drawing during main lesson. The aim of this exercise was to create the possibility for the pupils to find inner stillness in order to promote concentration and participation in the classroom.

Form drawing is a therapeutic art technique unique to Waldorf education. Often misunderstood to be solely to do with improving or preparing for handwriting, it also creates shapes and free flowing patterns. This is a great way for the child to orientate himself in space, on a piece of paper. Working with a child’s innate sense of harmony and balance, Form Drawing calls for perseverance, nimbleness in thought and fingers, the ability to concentrate and acute observation.

As we anticipated, this exercise has contributed to creating a “form” which all pupils are beginning to feel secure in. The exercise has resulted in increased participation and seamless transition into the main lesson which is facilitating all pupils’ access to learning.

Artwork by Alex, Jacob and Blake
Article by George Lumley (Learning Support Assistant, Class 6)