Event and Photos of our New Outdoor Wood-Fire Pizza Oven!!

Pizzas cooked in our new outdoor purpose built oven were a great success at the recent Summer Fair. Pupils and staff had the idea of building an outdoor Pizza Oven which they then proceeded to design and build themselves. They dug the clay which was used for its construction, then used traditional techniques to create a cob finish. The build was supported and guided by Bernard Graves, who is a traditional craft and Outdoor Curriculum specialist. An ornate archway forms the aperture for the oven, which is located in Avalon garden.

The Sheiling School incorporates a broad and balanced curriculum which includes outstanding elements that make a distinctive contribution to pupils’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural development. In particular, outdoor learning inspires pupils and provides a wide range of opportunities which they could not experience indoors. The Pizza Oven has been great learning opportunity for our pupils and is guaranteed to provide much enjoyment for years to come.