Electrifying Results!

Yes-quite astonishing results using 4 spoons and a potato masher!

One of our talented 6th form pupils’ and our Head Teacher, Paul have been experimenting with technology in science and produced some exciting results.  The lesson involved using a micro-computer device and some basic electronics to create Input Devices. The pupil learnt all about computer processing, logic gates, electronics and how to create circuitry. Six different items were selected that can conduct a circuit and make a mouse, which then was used to operate the computer.

In the lesson we also demonstrated how humans can conduct electricity and how we can make a simple device so that a ‘High Five’ can produce a function that can operate a computer. It’s worth noting that this equipment is specifically designed to experiment with, it uses capacitive touch in the same way as a mobile phone screen does, so it is completely safe and allows even the most inquisitive minds margins for error. High fives all round!

In the future we hope to expand our research to create a banana piano, personal wildlife cameras and building our own coding computer from a £15 raspberry Pi device.

Exciting times ahead!