Eco School Litter Pick

Our Eco School Litter Pick on February 10th went exceptionally well!

All of the classes took responsibility for lots of different areas and set about their work at 12.15pm. All of the pupils worked well in teams or small groups to use the litter pickers to grab lots of harder to reach items from the brambles and undergrowth. A lot of the litter had become trapped around the edges of the school boundary, so there was a lot of work to be done.

All of the woodland areas were scanned carefully for litter. Some litter bundles were identified to be very old, with rotting leather wallets and even identity cards. The teams then set to work carefully excavating around the tree roots. Dylan from Adventure class persevered and had to dig deep into the ground to remove a very large and old plastic mayonnaise bucket. Class 9 used a trolley and removed lots of sharp sticks and made a huge difference the overall tidiness of the school grounds. Cameron and Rohan teamed up and did an amazing job of clearing around the edges of the stream and woodland near The Hatch.

A very big ‘Thank You’ to the Alveston Litter Busters for lending Sheiling School their professional equipment that enabled us to really tackle our litter issue head on.

Article written by Bethan Whitehead, Assistant Teacher

Photos taken by the classes