Easter Egg Hunt


A  very generous donation of Easter Eggs made by Protocol Education, enabled our pupils to celebrate last Friday afternoon with a marvellous hunt organised by Cameron and Rohan from our Explorer class. Not only did they decide on good hiding places but they they formulated individual clues for each pupil !

Here are the clues:

Class 3

  • DC-behind the shed where the birds nest
  • Louis-at the bottom of a tree under the ivy
  • Sam-close to the border by the candle

Class 4

  • Dylan-why did the egg cross the road?
  • Jacob-the king egg sits in it’s throne
  • Alex-help me I’ve fallen down a hole
  • Blake-9 branches from one stump-be careful not to knock me I’ll have a great thump!
  • Hadley-look up in the tree and you’ll see me but you’ve got to catch me.

Class 9

  • RT-look to the right I’m hiding in the ivy.
  • Yannick-I’m on a tree trunk near to where the shed used to be (not here!)
  • George-follow the stepping logs and you’ll find me


  • Aiden-I’ve got my own little nest in the first set of trees
  • Clayton-near to the bins this house is in a good position with view of the castle wall
  • Dylan-I have my own defence made from willow –you may need to search for me

Seniors B

  • Kathryn-look for the archway
  • Richard-by the rusty fence
  • Harry-falling from the drain

Woodland 1

  • Cory-by the skull
  • Joseph –in the rusty cage
  • Fernando-I’m king of the hill

Woodland 2

  • Axel-egg in a nest
  • Jameson-near the bluebells
  • Sam-ivy nest
  • ZM – great nest

By Cameron and Rohan


We all had such a fun afternoon and everyone enjoyed the mystery trail in glorious sunshine. The end ‘treasures’  were all found, were delicious and accompanied by some lovely juice and music by Dean in the Bushcraft shelter.

The pupils and staff extend their huge thanks to Cameron, Rohan and their teacher Steve from the Explorer class; to Sarah and Izzy for the lovely refreshments and of course to Protocol Education who were key in this event with their generous support!

We wish everyone a very happy Easter and enjoyable holidays!