Class 10’s NEW ECO-PRODUCT on sale at Thornbury Farmer’s Market on Thursday 7th May. Handmade, recycled greeting cards ‘RUBBISH CARDS’ !!!

The Sheiling School is immensely proud of Class 10 who have created a brand new ECO product called ‘Rubbish Cards’ as part of their Eco Schools Campaign.  These beautiful  handmade, recycled greeting cards will be on sale at the Thornbury Farmer’s Market on Thursday 7th May. If you live locally  PLEASE come shopping and tell all your family and friends !

Since January, the pupils have been involved in setting up and developing this Eco-product that will be sold for profit to their local community. The Class decided on handmade paper turned into cards to maximize return! They have been involved in every step of the process, from the initial paper making, to researching designs to then assembling the cards and applying the stamp lettering.

The pupils also selected their own business logo from a selection that were developed and Brook came up with the brilliant winning name ‘Rubbish Cards’ ! Well done Brook and congratulations to to all of Class 10 and their teachers for this superb achievement.

The manager of Thornbury Farmer’s Market has very kindly written an article about the pupils’ company which is now available online. You can find it here: