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George’s Story.



“George is now 14 years old. He started at The Sheiling School in September 2015 and is a weekly residential pupil. He has made considerable progress in this time. In particular, George’s speech has improved and so have his fine and gross motor skills. His ability to write is developing and he is now able to write a few words.

George’s needs are complex. Previous schools have struggled to manage his anxiety and sensory issues, but staff at the Sheiling School really understand his needs and George is well supported both during lessons and in the residential house. He is really enjoying his time at school.

The staff have great experience in supporting pupils and in developing their key skills in all areas. The curriculum is adapted to the pupils’ individual needs. Much of the learning is done through rhythm and repetition. In spite of all the challenges facing George his concentration is steadily improving and so unlocking his potential.

We highly recommend the Sheiling School and all it has to offer. In under a year George has already made steady progress and has achieved far more than at any other school he has attended in the past. Here the emphasis is not about what the pupils can’t do, it’s what they can do. Here a young person’s potential will be unlocked, whatever that potential is. We are delighted with what the school offers.”

Lucy, George’s mum

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